The Alchemist Academy

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Business Alchemy

Uncover the Eternal Elixir of conscious business evolution, everlasting inspiration and strategic frameworks of creation to align you with your unique signature frequency.  Using ancient and modern technologies, we’ll support you in unlocking your businesses energetic equation and DNA encoding, moving you out of density towards innumerable strands of possibility.

Circles of Wisdom

Awaken to the sacred invitation within, a remembering of your true universal capacity and mastery. Share in our co-creative learning spaces that bring forth an ancient wisdom, activating your heart-soul intelligence and opening pathways to self-actualisation.

Unified Spaces of Co-Creation

Walk in sacred exchange with all beings of creation. If you are an artist, poet, writer, dreamer, creative, truth speaker, freedom-fighter and/or defy all parameters and definitions, we offer a collective space for consciousness expansion that supports you in exploring methods of print publication, visionary artwork generation and collaborative innovative projects.

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